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W. B. Steward & Son did a fantastic job with our heating/air conditioning. Don Jr and his crew installed a new unit and were very professional and always cleaned up when they were done!! Don even let my 4-year-old son be his assistant. The best part of this is we are saving significantly on our utility bills.  What is amazing is that when Don came out he found that our existing gas water heater was back drafting and not safe.  After measuring the house and doing a thorough inspection and proper load calculation he advised us that our current 5 ton air conditioning system and 144,000 btuh input gas furnace where over sized for our home by 40+%! W.B. Steward & Son put a 3 ton heat pump in with an 80,000 btuh input 97% AFUE modulating gas furnace.  This winter our gas heater only ran 12 hours and our new heat pump heated our house the rest of the winter. We could not believe how low our utility bills were. Along with the heating and air-conditioning upgrade we installed a new 50 gallon power vented water heater.  Now we do not have to worry about that old dangerous water heater that was causing low levels of carbon monoxide poisoning.  Don also encouraged us to utilize the NJ Home Performance with Energy Star Program which enabled us to have our house insulated, air-sealed, and our bathroom vents properly installed.  What was awesome is that we got a $4,000 cash rebate with our project.  I would highly recommend W.B. Steward and Son for your HVAC needs!!

The Christy’s
West Deptford



We had to replace our central air conditioning unit this summer. In 4 summers here, it never worked efficiently. After several service calls to see if how we can make it cooler in here, and kicking the tires for about 2 years on replacing . Don Steward Jr. At W. B. Steward and son talked us into converting our entire heating and cooling system to a Mitsubishi electric mini split system. So far through this ridiculous heat wave, we’ve never felt more comfortable. We would run window units along with the central unit. Stupid and electrically wasteful. That’s a picture of our last bill, and from what I can figure we used 3,510 less kWh that the previous July. Translates to about $200!!
Thanks Don! It’s been a great decision and investment!!



Don and crew installed a new heater, air conditioner and water heater in my home. His crew completed this project in 4 days during a heat wave, the average temperature was mid 90’s. They made sure we had a temporary cooling system during the installation. His crew showed up on time, worked efficiently, and took every precaution to protect my home, including using drop clothes. I could not be happier with the project, its no wonder why W.B Steward and Son has been around for 60 some odd years.

Terry Burke
Pine Hill


I recently replaced an older heating system with an air conditioning/heating system with W.B. Steward and Son. The existing heating system was loud and did not heat the whole house properly. Don clearly explained why the old system was not working and put together a detailed solution that would give me both efficient heating and air conditioning. The installation crew was professional and very neat. Don came back at the end to ensure that the system was running at optimum performance. Overall, I was very impressed with their attention to detail. They are truly concerned with my satisfaction of the work that they performed.

Roger G.


I usually do not give testimonials but will make an exception in the case of W.B Steward & Son. Like many people (especially in today’s world) I am a bit skeptical when choosing a contractor after hearing the horror stories. You have to hope they do the job right (the first time), are easy to deal with, are reputable overall and stay around long enough to finish the job. I recently received the unnerving news that nobody wants to hear -“the air conditioning compressor is shot.” The guys showed up on time for the installation and they were very easy to deal with. Not only does everything look good , I now have a surprisingly low noise level condenser outside and nice cool air inside. The installer even wanted to check again at the end of the installation just to make sure everything was done correctly. On top of the installation which was clean and well done, the operations manager (Chris Roethke) put my mind at ease by returning my calls quickly and explaining the entire process in detail. I never felt rushed or left with unanswered questions. He was there to offer his assistance in person before, during and after the sale. Because of the overall high level of expertise and customer service, I would definitely recommend this company.

Rick Pravdo
Deptford Townshhip


I couldn’t be happier with the results of a completely new HVAC system installed. Their staff were friendly and well mannered.
I was having a constant problem with my upstairs being too warm in the summer and too cold in the winter. They solved the problem and during this past summer with all of the 90 degree days we had, my upstairs bedrooms were cool and comfortable at all times. Don even discovered that my attic wasn’t properly insulated and fixed that problem. I’m sure that will make a huge difference this coming Winter. My heating & AC system were 22 years old and a constant concern. Not any more thanks to Don and his wonderful hard working staff at W.B. Steward. I highly recommend them.

Al Vogt

Mantua Township


To Potential Clients:

If you really want to know how this W.B. Steward & Son business REALLY operates, absolutely head over to the history section and click on the link to the family-owned business origins as written and signed by Don Steward Senior on Christmas Day of 2007.

Although Don Steward Senior is in Heaven now, his son Don Jr has maintained the integrity and professionalism his grandfather started many years before.

As for me …I did not know much about the HVAC business or about the Steward Company until spring of this year, 2015.
I am a nurse, wife, mom and grandmother, not a heating & AC expert. When our home’s 14 year-old HVAC system started showing serious signs of ageing and our electric bills were climbing steadily upward, I arranged for a few companies to assess the situation and let my husband and me know what their ideas for a resolution were.

I will not comment much on my experience with “the orange people.” Suffice it to say they talked a lot and wanted to charge a LOT for what in my opinion seemed to be “not much” of a system for our particular needs.

Another company measured a few windows and took a fast look at our system, then quoted me a decent price for installing the system. I liked them, but I wondered if there was more to assessing a home’s HVAC needs than spending roughly 10 minutes inside and outside the house.

When Don Steward Jr came to our home, I was taken aback by his incredibly thorough presentation, which included careful inspections of our house from attic to basement to HVAC, in great detail. He covered so many subjects which related to heat, humidity, venting, air exchanges, thermostat control, corrective duct changes, high efficiency air conditioning, etc etc etc. When he left, hubby and I had a wealth of information to absorb, and soon I was provided with at least five references to check.

And I did check those references. Every one of them. All were articulate people from towns around here (Gloucester County) and each had a story to tell about how they came to know Don, his company’s quality of work, and how they would highly recommend “W.B. Steward & Son” to their loved ones and all who asked about the company. One fellow said he owned his home for many years and he was floored at how much utility money he saved after Don assessed his home and made several improvements, including the installation of an appropriate HVAC system.

After five glowing reviews, there was only one choice for us: going with Don and his very experienced team. The process was seamless. Don checked in on occasion, and upon final inspection, he wanted to make an adjustment, so that our system would be even better. The guy is a perfectionist, and when it comes to being comfortable in the winter and the summer, that’s the kind of HVAC company owner I want: someone who, along with his crew, wants to make things PERFECT.

I wanted to write my own review in early 2016, after I had used the new heater a bit, but I could not wait. WHY? Well, once I got my first electric bill and I had saved about 50%, I thought there must be some mistake. The second bill was similar. But after my 3rd electric bill arrived this week, and I realized that what Don and his people did was cut my electric bill in half, I HAD to write NOW and not wait until after the first snow flake had fallen. Additionally, I have never felt this kind of indoor coolness and comfort level. We’ve had six heat waves this summer and I like things cool, but in the past I paid a heavy price for comfort during majorly hot days. And the humidity was awful. No more. Not with my new system.

In closing, and this might sound nuts, I feel as if Don really sees his clients, not as just a way to make a living, but as a way to add to his family, one group at a time. He and his technicians & office crew are more than knowledgeable and friendly. They treat YOUR house as if it were THEIR house.

God bless Wilbert Bradshaw Steward Jr and those who followed in his footsteps. They did, and continue to do, an EXCELLENT job! I’m proud to be a recipient of the family service.

Very Sincerely,

Mrs. Allen Ladd of Mantua



We had a stand by generator recently installed by W.B. Steward & Son and both my wife and myself were really pleased with
their overall service. Chris Roethke, the Operations Manager, was great to work with and was attentive the entire duration
of the project. Thanks Again!

Maria end Dave Rollison – (Mullica Hill, NJ)

04/19/2015 – Steward Testimonial:

I am someone who has to research things before going full-force into them.  After several years of debating whether I should upgrade my HVAC system, with my Bryant heater being over 30 years old, I got estimates from 3 (out of 5) different HVAC installers.  All service providers were very nice and explained everything pretty well.  Don was the only provider who continued to follow up, answering my many questions as they kept arising.  On request, he provided me with 4 or 5 customer referrals.  Not only did he give me names of people who had their systems recently installed, but those who have had their systems for a length of time.  This was important to me as I don’t believe you know how your system is going to work until you have had it for a while.  Don’s continued interest, professionalism and responses to my uncertainties were factors that made my decision to commit to W. B. Steward & Son, and I have been happy with my decision since then.  My installation was 8 months ago, so I have gone through the air-conditioning and heating cycles and have been very happy with both, and with Don and his employees.  It was very hot when my installation was going on and one of the workers somehow was even able to temporarily hook up my new air-conditioner before the complete installation was accomplished so I and my pets wouldn’t be uncomfortable – what a nice surprise when I got home that day!  I am not a computer “techie”, but do love my new Internet-connected thermostat, and I like being able to check the daily weather every morning.  I would highly recommend Don and W. B. Steward & Son.  Thanks, Don, for allaying all my fears.    And the first bonus is –  my budgeted monthly PSE&G bill has recently been lowered, in addition to the fact that I had a $672.00 credit from my prior budgeted billing!  And the second bonus to me is when I would see Don’s truck drive up with the picture of our American flag on the hood!

R. Andaloro – (West Deptford, NJ)

Dr. Barry Coniglio – (Mantua, NJ)

W.B. Steward & Son is the only professional who solved both my heating and AC problem at my office. Not only are we more efficient but we are very comfortable. Everyone is happy. I would highly recommend their services!!!

Kim and Chris Brosius – (West Deptford, NJ )

Don and staff,

We are so grateful to you and your staff for the prompt and dedicated service you provided for us this past summer.  Your staff was friendly, courteous and efficient throughout the whole process. We couldn’t be happier with the end result, which unfortunately began asan emergency situation.

After coming home from vacation, we discovered a slow leaking pipe in our basement that caused major damage to our main duct work into our HVAC system.  Not only were youable to respond immediately to our emergency call over the weekend, but you helpedus through the entire insurance claim process. We received a detailed quote for the service and materials needed to submitto the insurance company, but more importantly, you were able to review theseitems with our insurance adjuster to ensure a positive result.  Since most of our duct work in the basement had to be replaced, we received a new, efficient system that now provides better air flow throughout our house.

We’re certain we wouldn’t have been able to get throught his process without the support of you and your staff.  Thanks again for your all your help.

Jim Cawood

To W. B. Steward & Son,

Thank you so much for the absolutely amazing job you all did in making our home extremely comfortable with our new heating/air conditioning, duct work and water heater!  We didn’t know what to expect, being we never had any work like this done before, but from day one, Don and crew made us feel so comfortable in every aspect with the work that was completed and we couldn’t have asked for friendlier, hard workers and the professionalism that went along with the project. We were recommended to have W. B. Steward & Son do the job, and even checked out another company for comparison, but ultimately we decided on W. B. Steward & Son and could not be happier with the outcome. We would highly recommend W. B. Steward & Son to anyone needing any HVAC work done in their home or business. Again, we can’tthank you enough!!!

Extremely Satisfied Customers,

Dean Fultz (Wenonah)

To Don Steward and his team:

I would like to acknowledge and thank Don Steward and his team for their efficient and timely installation of my new heating and air conditioning system. Even though I had to postpone installation until late fall due to the time required by the Gas Company to install a new gas line to my house, Don made the extra effort to insure that Ihad heat before cold weather set in. His advice on the efficiency level and capacity required of both the gas heater and AC were right on the mark. The house is more evenly heated in winter now and is definitely cooler this summer even though both units are of smaller size and much quieter. The high-efficiency units Don recommended have resulted in a gas heating bill which is less than 40% of my former oil heat bill and so far this summer it looks like the AC electric usage will be less than half of the old system.

Pretty amazing. The AC efficiency is augmented by some relatively minor but effective duct design changes Don made.

When the new AC compressor was turned on for the first time, it sounded fine to me but to Don’s ears it wasn’t as quiet as the new super-quiet units are expected to be. He contacted the manufacturer and had a new unit sent out right away even though that required his team to uninstall one unit and reinstall another. When the second unit was turned on, it was noticeably quieter!

The installation team – Jeff, Rich and others are well-trained, technically competent, courteous and did an expert job which included not only new heat and AC systems but also new interior gas lines.

Thanks guys!!

We just had our heating and air conditioning system replaced and upgraded by W.B. Steward & Sons. We were extremely satisfied with the whole process from selecting the right system through installation. The workmanship was outstanding and system is working great. We are already seeing a lower gas bill (even with a colder winter). I have already recommended W.B. Steward to friend and neighbors and know they will stand behind their work.

Had a full AC and heating replacement and could not be happier. The staff and crew were extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process. They delivered and installed everything on time and have taken care of all follow up needs in a timely and professional manner.

I just had a complete heating and air conditioning system replaced by W.B. Steward & Son. They delivered as promised, when promised. From their office staff to tech installers, the service was timely, professional, and courteous. I highly recommend them not only for this type installation, but also for maintenance and repair.

Mark Lahoda – (West Deptford)

Don,Attached is an analysis of my PSE&G bill since you installed the Bryant Hybrid Heating/Cooling system. As you can see, our total electric cost is down by 25%–with the peak summer months falling by nearly 50%. If you exclude daily household use and were just looking at AC expenses, the decrease is even greater. On the heating side, so far there has been a 33% reduction in gas usage, although the first real heating month–November, the decrease was 17%. Overall, I’m estimating that we have saved approximately $829 since May, with $700 of the savings coming from reduced electric costs. Needless to say we are very pleased with the new Bryant Hybrid system that WB Steward and Son installed. The system is much quieter and the temperature is much more comfortable than the old system. We are very happy customers and appreciate the professionalism shown by you and your staff during the installation process, and in answering any of our follow-up questions. Please feel free to share the analysis with prospective customers who are considering a Bryant Hybrid system.