Air Conditioning

Air-Conditioning Preventative Maintenance

(Residential Split & Packaged Systems)

Our preventative maintenance services are the best available in South Jersey. Our certified technicians use the most advanced testing equipment available and they take the time to do things right. This helps keep your cooling system running efficiently which saves you money and time.

Our Air-Conditioning Tune-Up is for residential split or packaged air-conditioning systems. Parts included with this service include one set of disposable air filters. Additional repairs will be brought to your attention. The cost of these repairs will be quoted to you using our Quality Service Pricing System. You will receive a 15% discount on repair fees. Your start and check service includes the following:

  1. Technician introduction and work area preparation
  2. Visual inspections of air-conditioning system components (where accessible)
  3. Inspect & check blower housing, motor & wheel (lubricate where applicable)
  4. Inspect & replace standard disposal air filters as required
  5. Visual inspection of primary condensate drain pipe
  6. Check operation of primary drain
  7. Check operation of condensate pump (if applicable)
  8. If system has a secondary condensate drain quote price on checking operation
  9. Wash outdoor condenser coil (access to hose bib required)
  10. Start air-conditioning system
  11. Check operation of thermostat, emergency shut-off switch/circuit breaker
  12. Check for proper refrigerant levels
  13. Check for proper temperature splits
  14. Check all system electrical components and controls including voltage and amperage readings
  15. Inspect equipment for rodent or insect occupation
  16. Wipe down external surfaces of appliance(s) being serviced
  17. Apply company contact information on equipment
  18. Make note of service performed on supplied service tag provided by company
  19. Advise customer that we are finished
  20. Explain any concerns & recommendations we have found
  21. Ask customer if they have any concerns we did not address
  22. Provide customer care survey