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Thank you for allowing us to help you purchase a new comfort system. This guide will take you through the process we will follow to help you choose the best solution for your comfort needs. Our company is focused on three primary objectives:

  1. Providing your family with the most comfort for your investment
  2. Keeping your family safe
  3. Giving you the most value and delivered efficiency for your energy dollars

To accomplish these goals we follow a nationally certified six step process created by the National Comfort Institute. This information should help you think about any questions you may want to ask while we are there.

ONE. Let’s Talk!

This step helps us understand your comfort needs as well as any shortcomings of your present system. Nobody knows more about how well or poorly a system is working than the people living with it every day. By investing a little time up front, we can make sure we understand what’s most important to you.

We’ll ask questions about the comfort levels in each area of your home and about the air quality inside your home. We’ll also ask you about your utility bills and compare them with other homes your size.

TWO. Let’s Measure Your Home

Most contractors look at the size of your current equipment and just quote an exact replacement. We will carefully measure each room of your home, paying attention to details like window sizes, insulation and more.

We’ll perform a “Load Calculation” to determine if your existing equipment is sized correctly and determine the exact amount of air flow each room needs to stay comfortable.

THREE. We Measure System Performance

Next we’ll measure exactly how your current heating/cooling system is performing. We’ll measure your systems “static pressure” which helps us determine if there are comfort or energy wasting issues.

Then we measure the exact amount of air coming from each register. We encourage you to participate in this process so you can see data on your heating/cooling systems actual performance.

FOUR. We Rate Your System

It’s All About the BTUs! With the measurement data in hand we will use an exclusive calculation process to rate your current system’s delivered efficiency.

This process will tell you what your current heating/cooling equipment is capable of and what percentage of the heated or cooled air is actually reaching the rooms you live in. There is often a big difference between what the equipment is capable of doing and what your entire system is delivering into your home.

FIVE. Our Recommendations

Once we have all the facts together we can determine the best options to meet your comfort and efficiency requirements. We’ll put together a proposal that typically outlines options based on your specific needs and budgetary requirements.

Our goal in this step is to make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed, educated decision. Many of our satisfied customers tell us that as a result of this process they typically know more about their system than any other contractor they’ve received a quote from.

SIX. Installation and Measured Results

When you have decided on the system that best meets your needs, we can schedule and perform the installation work. Once the work is completed, the final step is to test out your system to make sure it performs as promised.

You will receive a report outlining the final performance of your new system including delivered BTUs and efficiency as well as airflow to each room. This final step helps insure that you got what you paid for and you continue to enjoy the most return for your investment for years to come.